Klein ist nicht niedlich.


Imagine your oc’s becoming so popular people start forming a fandom and drawing and writing fanart and fanfics for your lil oc’s. People start cosplaying as your oc’s, making their own cute clothing for them. Giving people a reason to be happy and smile.

Well, actually.. My OC’s:


Some fanarts:



And cosplays:



No, Paciulo, STAHPP

Did 4 a friend


Photos from the debut of my finally finished god tier Sollux. Anime Midwest 2014 

Sollux: purpledragoncaptor

OMF so perfect—


I just finished Noiz’ route and just.. I am so done

Welp, the winner which was randomly selected is —> vantasass.tumblr.com

Thank you all for participating! 


300 Followers? Yeey! Is time for a little art giveaway

  • The winner can ask me to draw almost ANYTHING, even furry, gore, yaoi/yuri, animals, robots, machines, steampunk etc. (Just do not ask me for NSFW or landscapes). Can be fanart, OCs…. You choose! c: 
  • The winner will be chosen via random generator from all likes and reblogs
  • You don’t need to be following me.
  • Ends June 29

Thank you all c:

Ends tomorrow!

I got a drawing tablet, I’M VERY HAPPY—-


I was bored..


I was supposed to post this on his birthday but eh stuff happened

happy late birthday Karkat 

Anonymous inquired:
You do all of your art with a mouse? :0

Well, in parts.
I do the drawing by the traditional ways. Pencil and paper.
After I scan the drawing and add colors with Photoshop using my mouse abilities
The good part in this is that I have a paper version of all my drawings, and I can carry them everywhere.